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Vicetoken is being built as a new authoritative site about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain market. We pursue accurate information about every single digital coin available in the market. We aim to keep the global community of investors, enthusiasts, dealers, and traders connected by offering complete guides about how to pursue the right investment with cryptos using the best tools available in the market.  The team behind Vicetoken has no affiliation with any of the established players in the cryptocurrency market, nor do they plan to launch any initiative of their own in the coming future. The site works as an independent guide about digital currencies for those who are looking to be informed about them.

The people working at Vicetoken does not participate in trading positions, and neither of its partners holds managing positions in any other outlet related to digital currencies. The information offered on the site does not have any direct impact on the trading volume or value of any digital currency. Every single one of our editorial pieces is done to keep a steady flow of information for our users who might choose our website as their primary source of information. Our readers should be aware that all investments done using digital currencies on their behalf are made at their own risk, and as such, any earning or losses are their absolute responsibility. Our reports will usually mirror the facts as they happen in the blockchain market without any sign of bias.

The team working at Vicetoken does not receive any income by posting information on any of the digital currencies highlighted on our website. We don’t trade tips, information, or anything resembling data that could affect the trade of cryptocurrencies in the market at present or in the future. Our organization does not take stands about the value of any digital currency in the market, and we don’t promote third parties under figures such as sponsorship or advertised payment. We stand as a legitimate venue of information, and we take responsibility for the information provided on our site, not so with the opinions of anyone expressing their thoughts about our community in other corners of the web.

All our internal policies may be reviewed and modified over time, and any changes in said policies will be informed to the public through our website. The site maintains its operations funded by associate links that lead to the use of certain financial products that have been reviewed and approved by our research team. Our company takes pride in offering the most accurate and updated information we can provide to our readers, but we are not exempt from mistakes. If any piece of content needs to be reviewed, our reads can make contact using our social networks as well as an e-mail address that will be provided for such cases. We hope to leave a mark in an industry that is needed a much needed shot in the arms when it comes to transparency.