Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet Review

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Are you thinking of buying the Ledger Nano X to store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Well, don’t click that add to cart button yet until you read our review. We will give you an idea if this is the right storage for you. The objective of our unbiased review for Ledger Nano X is to help you make an informed decision.

The Ledger Nano X is a next-generation hardware wallet designed with smartphone support, more storage space for your applications, and a larger screen.

Summary of New Features:

  • Bluetooth technology for mobile use with a smartphone
  • More significant storage to store up to 100 applications including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and many others
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Improvement on protections for more than 1000 cryptocurrencies
  • Large screen
  • With rechargeable battery for the use of the device without a cable

The Review

In our review, we will be looking into the hardware design, security features, functionality, and cryptocurrency support of the Ledger Nano X.

Ledger Nano X Design

The Ledger Nano X is like your other bitcoin wallets and similarly designed like its competitions. It is basically a USB dongle where you can safely and securely store your cryptocurrencies. What makes it different from other hardware is it looks like a simple USB thumb drive at first glance. It is handy this way because it is more discrete. For an untrained eye, it seems more like a USB memory stick than a bitcoin wallet.

Unlike the simple USB thumb drive, it is heavier. It weighs 34 grams and measures about 72mm X 18.6mm x 11.75mm. So, it would appear larger than the simple USB memory stick to those who know it. The hardware is made from plastic and brushed stainless steel and has a 100mAh battery.

The design makes the Ledger Nano X look more discerning.And this design goal was reinforced with the two buttons on either side of the device and the larger screen. You can read the full cryptocurrency addresses even without scrolling,a feature that you can’t find in the Nano S.

The two buttons are discretely placed in the circular cover pivot. It is your button to access the menus, select, and input your recovery phrases. Entering the codes with only two buttons can be tedious, a touchscreen could be an added touch.

You can charge and connect the Nano X using the USB-C interface. The upgrade to USB-C is a welcome move because most of the latest in the computing world are migrating to it.

The package contains the instruction manual, a high-quality and braided USB cable, three recovery sheets where you can store the recovery phrase, a keychain strap, and the hardware. It lacks the lanyard that the Nano S has, but it comes with stickers to add aesthetics.

Overall, the design was an improvement in its previous version. It appears more sophisticated and sleeker and more intuitive to use. It has a more professional appeal and the premium feel that is not present in the Nano S.

Ledger Nano X Security

On the security front, the Ledger Nano X has made more improvements. Well, Ledger as a good reputation over its security, and this hardware wallet did not disappoint. The architecture of the Nano X contains two secured processor chips:

  • Operating system: the STM32WB55 chip that is responsible for the BOLOS proprietary operating system
  • Security element: the ST33J2, which is independently certified and keeps the private signs and key transactions.

The security elements are a secondary layer of security for the hardware, and it has its own limited and storage capacity that will not be breached by hackers. Translation: if the device is connected to a compromised PC or laptop, the access to the crypto funds will not be touched.

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is a connectivity feature to use the hardware wirelessly. It can connect to iOS or Android devices. However, because the Bluetooth is never secured critical data remains secure in the equipment. It includes private keys and seed phrases. The only thing sent over the Bluetooth connection is private data. If there is a breach in the connection, the device will request for confirmation of the action.

Like the Nano S, the wallets are protected with paraphrases on top of the main PIN code. When a thief asks you to unlock your device, you give them only the PIN code to access your wallets with small amounts and hide the bulk of your cryptocurrencies in other wallets protected by paraphrase.

Ledger Nano X Functionality

To date, the Ledger Nano X can support up to 1186 cryptocurrencies. Because Ledger has the most diversified currencies, it can support cryptocurrencies like NEO or Vechain, which others cannot. It also has its application known as the Ledger Live that allows the users to access their cryptocurrency accounts. Ledger Live is available on different platforms like macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android.

We found the Ledger Live app easy to use, and it displays your crypto assets with historical charts included. It is also easy to send cryptocurrencies in the interface, and it clearly shows the sender and addresses of the receiver. Other advanced features include customization of the transaction fee.

One of the drawbacks of its previous version is the inadequate space for its applications. The Ledger Nano solves the problem with an increase in the internal memory of this version to 2 MB.

Late last year, the Ledger Live was updated with the addition of the native Ethereum Wallet. It enables the interface to support over 1,250 ERC-20 tokens and 22 coins. It’s a helpful feature because users can access their Ethereum and tokens while they are on the go. And there is also no need to go to a third-party interface like MyEtherWallet. This is good for old and new users because they don’t have to use multiple interfaces. The only downside here is you have to enter your account separately in each app.

Ledger Nano X Mobility

One of the newest additions to the Ledger Nano X is its mobile connectivity. You can use it with your mobile devices, and you can transact while on the go using the Ledger Live app. Although it needs improvement on the convenience, it is a welcome development for the Nano X.

For more secure transactions, a separate set of confirmation steps should be done. It includes unlocking the device with the PIN, going into the cryptocurrency app, checking and confirming the transaction. Making simple purchases like buying coffee may feel tedious. However, this makes perfect sense when you are using your cryptocurrency for large purchases like investments or cars.

How to Setup the Ledger Nano X

It is easy to initiate the setup process for the Ledger Nano X. First, you need to install the Ledger Live app. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and in any computer with Windows 8, macOS, or Linux.

When you have this setup, you can begin using the Ledger Nano X using the following procedure:

  1. To start the device, you need to press the button located next to the USB port until the Ledger logo appears.
  2. Wait for the on-screen instructions to will appear. Press the right button to proceed and the left button to go back.
  3. When you see the message on the screen: “set up a new device,” press the buttons simultaneously. You need to change the PIN at this point. To change the PIN:
    • Press the two buttons and wait for the “Choose PIN Code” message.
    • Press the right or left button to choose your PIN numbers. To validate the PIN, simultaneously press the two buttons.
    • Enter the PIN Code once again to confirm it.
  4. Write down the recovery phrase. This is a series of 24 words, which will be displayed only once.
    • You can use the blank recovery sheets included in the box.
    • Press the two buttons once you see the “Write down your recovery phrase” displayed on the screen.
    • Write down the first word on the recovery sheet, and once you have written it down, press the right button to move to the next word.
    • You have to repeat this process until you have Word #24. Once you have completed them, press the two buttons again to proceed.
    • Press the two buttons when the “Confirm your recovery phrase” is shown on the screen.
    • Select your recovery phrase with the left or right button. Confirm it by pressing both buttons simultaneously and repeat the process until you have confirmed all the 24 words.
  5. When you see the message “your device is ready” on the screen, it means that you have completed the process, and you can now use the device. Press the two buttons again to access the Dashboard. You can now use your device.

The Technical Specifications

The Ledger Nano X is an upgrade of the Nano S. Its number of pixels is twice the number of its predecessor at 128×64. The bigger screen is meant for easier verification of the receiving addresses and other transaction details.

To use the Ledger Nano X, you need to have a USB port on your device. You will also be using the USB cable for charging. You need to be connected to a smartphone or a PC to use the Ledger Live as well as installing apps and updating the firmware.

Unfortunately, there is no waterproof rating available for the Ledger Nano X. When it accidentally gets wet, you have to turn off the device immediately and dry it before turning on the device.


  • A larger screen and physical control buttons
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can store up to a hundred applications
  • Discrete and has professional aesthetics
  • Can support many cryptocurrencies


  • There are some connectivity issues


The Ledger Nano X is the latest hardware wallet released by Ledger. It is a takeoff from the previous features of its predecessors from Ledger but with significant improvements. The most notable additions to this model is the Bluetooth connectivity. It enables you to use the device with Ledger Live with your smartphone.

Security is another exciting feature. The second layer of security provides high security with encryption and multiple safety protocols to prevent hacking and any range of attacks. Amidst stiff competition in the hardware wallet sector, Ledger emerged as the winner. They have upped the game with excellent products and convenience.

The setup process has much to be desired, particularly with new users, but for most, it can be easy. You just need to follow the instructions. If you are looking to buy a new hardware wallet or looking to add more, we highly recommend the Ledger Nano X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In case I want to upgrade from Nano S to Nano X, can I keep my coins?

Yes. When doing the upgrade, you need to choose the “restore” option during the setup. Enter the 24-word recovery phrase that you have from the Nano S.

Q. Can I turn the Bluetooth Feature off in Ledger Nano X?

Yes, the Bluetooth feature can be turned off in your Control Panel. I will disable the Bluetooth communications, and your Ledger can only communicate using the USB cable. You can do this by holding doe the two buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

Q. How many apps can I install on the Ledger Nano X?

According to the product specs, you can install up to 100 applications. To date, when we tested the Nano X, we can install 73 applications available in the Ledger Manager. That means there are more spaces open for future apps.

Q. Why does the Bitcoin address on Nano X change?

As a security precaution, the Ledger includes a feature that automatically generates a new address each time is the old one is used. It puts more privacy to the transactions as new addresses are used for new transactions. Old addresses can still be used, however, as the Ledger contains full access to these funds.

Q. How can I generate a new public address to receive funds?

The new Public addresses are automatically created when the old addresses are used when receiving or sending transactions.

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