How NFT and Crypto impacts the real economy

Cryptocurrencies are today regarded as a modern means of payment. NFTs entered our lives not so long ago, but they have already created dissonance and made us think about switching to online savings. Raising funds just got easier. With their help, you can not only buy something on the Internet, but also earn money without leaving your home.

Many are comfortable with this transition. The use of cryptocurrency develops the Internet economy of popular sites on the network. For example, clothing stores, sites for ordering something at home, and others. The topic of Cryptocurrency is, in principle, at the peak of discussion and is popular. Every year its development and implementation in technology increases. Despite some risks in the network, users are increasingly switching to electronic money, thereby narrowing the circulation of familiar, paper money between people.

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Is it bad?

For the state, the excessive use of only Internet money by citizens can mean that there will be less taxes. If there is no control in this situation, the country’s economy will not be stable. Given that the state of the cryptocurrency and the country’s economy are closely related, it is worth paying attention to each of these points for long-term development in order to avoid a crisis. I advise you to read the latest news from the cryptocurrency world on the ICOholder website. It is important to keep up to date with current rates.

Stagnation. Since the exchange rate of one or another cryptocurrency, in which the user keeps his savings, can grow, he is inclined to save them. And that means spending less. Fewer purchases, less need for goods or services – this is not beneficial for the state.

NFT and decentralized finance (DeFi)

Real assets such as houses, cars or plots of land can be brought to the market, which is based on digital technologies. NFTs can be used for these forms of funding: fundraising, crowdfunding or digital payments.

NFTs can be a bridge between the analog and digital worlds of the economy. It can be useful in building an ecosystem of collaborating partners. Together with DeFi, we can come to the discovery of new financing options that will simplify and democratize access to capital, especially for small businesses.

NFT, digital and real worlds

Instagram, TikTok, and other popular apps that promote their products and services may very well become virtual worlds in the future. Given the development of artificial intelligence technologies, this is quite possible. If you pay attention to the sites of popular stores in the same metaverse, you can see NFTs there as well. It is most often used to create maps of virtual analogues of real goods (for example, Nike created their own sneaker store on this site, and they are developing quite successfully there. They offer the buyer truly unique shoes). Such innovations contribute to the development of both virtual and real stores. Revenues are rising as the number of users increases.

NFT is also active in games where it empowers players to feel special. Game tokenized items are considered more valuable. This means that game sellers can make good money on this. It is also worth noting the Earn to Play technology, which is possible in games thanks to the blockchain, NFT and cloud computing. There are also quite a variety of crypto games where users with and without investments can earn a day and withdraw from them to real accounts.

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Shared ownership of resources

In the business market, based on NFT, a machine is purchased for its further joint use by two or more companies. They, having a share in the car, get the right to use it. The amount of use depends on the share of ownership. That is, instead of a responsible intermediary who owns the car, there are several controllers who share the “revenue” among themselves. If the earnings of people on the site are growing, then the influx of interested people to this site is also growing. More people = more money. Again, all with a competent and controlled process.


Today, NFT and Crypto are able to help a person implement new technologies for a more convenient trading process. This will help avoid eliminating the shortcomings of an economic system that is based on typical centralization. The introduction of digital opportunities and competent control over them can help the state develop, while bringing joy and benefit to its citizens. Opportunity to work without market intermediaries, with comfortable conditions, and most importantly – with pleasure.

The active use of technology by man should lead to the development of these technologies in a particular country. That is, there should be a creation by the state of favorable conditions both for the user and for the development of the economy of the state itself.

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